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The 8th International Aerospace show “AVIASVIT-XXI” was held 27th September – 1st October 2012 in Kiev city. Venue: Kiev-Antonov airfield, Gostomel town

Beginning of Autumn. A specialised exhibition of civil and military aircraft was displayed at Kiev outskirts. Articles manufactured by our business partner Motor Sich corporation were also presente

We were observers here watching similar production results

Look at a small  photo gallery

Exposition of flying machines

Авиасвит 2012
Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012
Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012

The sections of the Show             

  • Flying machines of all the types and usage: service and construction
  • Rocket systems, spacecraft and space technologies
  • Aircraft and rocket engines
  • Fuels, lubricants and other technical liquids
  • Air and ground equipment for flying machines
  • Navigation and flight control systems
  • Rescuing and life support systems
  • Airport, terminal and transportation equipment
  • Aircraft technologies and materials
  • Aircraft armaments
  • Missile units
  • Anti-aircraft defense systems
  • Armaments and military equipment for ground forces and navy
  • Communication technologies and systems
  • Computer technologies
  • High tech conversion technologies
  • Utilisation of aircraft, missiles and ammunition
  • Maintenance, modernisation and technical service of aircraft equipment
  • Equipment and tools for aerospace industry, missile systems and advanced
  • machine building
  • Training and re-training of professionals
  • Medical service for crews and passengers of flying machines
  • Aircraft clubs, schools, modelling
  • Vehicles
  • Financial service, leasing, insurance and logistics


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