Assemblage of aircraft electrical cable bundles
Электротехническое производство
  The AERELECTRO enterprise began its activity on July 1, 2016.

  Our enterprise is directed towards the market of electric appliance production with guarantied power supply, power controls, transmission of control and test signals for:

  • Power and auxiliary units and machines
  • Aircraft engines
  • CNC machines
  • Various military equipment

    The enterprise has implemented the system of military equipment production according to GOST V 15.301-80

   The company has also obtained quality management certificate ISO 9001:2009. 
Certificates confirming serial production capabilities for electric bundle manufacture have been acquired. Those documents relate to the electrical appliances used in flying and ground machines manufactured according to the technical requirements of Motor Sich Corporation and Helicopters Motor Sich Ltd

   The enterprise has capabilities to acquire individual, small and medium serial production of electrical bundles for any customer defined equipment from the following manufacturing areas:

  • Aerospace
  • Helicopter
  • Wheel and/or caterpillar heavy vehicles
  • Cars
  • Various military equipments

   Materials and assemblage components manufactured by Deutsch, Raychem, Tyco Electronics, Legrand, ABB, Siemens, etc companies are used in our articles

Specialised tools (MIL standard) and auxiliary gear allow production of high quality bundle articles of any technical usage

All the materials and assemblage components undergo input quality tests and controls.

Electrical bundles can be manufactured for any climate conditions. Work temperature: from -50 to +200 degrees Celsius.

Technical personnel have had sufficient training with obtaining necessary work certificates.  They have experience in conducting design and assemblage works using modern technologies. This also applies to complicated and non-standard assignments.

Highly qualified assemblers posses modern methods for their work

Permanent technological improvement and usage of advanced methods are promoted at the enterprise. This yields production of competitive articles at the level of the best world standards.


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